Vmed Bluetooth Wireless Veterinary Monitors

Go Wireless with Vmed Bluetooth wireless veterinary monitors. Save space, eliminate cables and store files automatically. These monitors establish a wireless link to your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet computer to display real-time patient monitoring waveforms and digital data on your computer screen. Monitor up to seven patients on one computer. Files may be recalled for ECG and CO2 waveform analysis, transmitted by email or printed in a concise report. All hardware, software and monitoring accessories are provided with our multi-parameter patient monitor and our ECG monitor as described below. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP computers.

PC-Vet Gard + Wireless Monitor

Bluetooth Enabled Vmed PC-Vet Gard Plus is a multi-parameter wireless veterinary patient monitor and the first palm size, wireless patient monitor available anywhere. The PC-VetGard is designed for surgical monitoring but can also be used in the exam room and as a long-term critical care monitor. The basic unit includes ECG, blood pressure, respiration, temperature and SpO2. Add CO2 O2, N2O and five anesthesia agents at any time without purchasing a new unit. The PC-VetGard+ weighs a mere 19 ounces with all parameters. May be used with AC line current or the internal rechargeable battery for optimum portability.Includes 3 ea. Esophageal ECG/ temperature probes, 1 Temperature probe, 1 ea Set of 3 ECG skin clips, 1 ea. ECG chest sensor, 1 ea. Cable and clip leads for long term ECG monitoring electrodes, 1 ea. Nellcor V-Sat SpO2 lingual sensor with two clips, 6 ea. Small animal blood pressure cuffs with limb gauge,1 ea. Bluetooth USB adaptor, 1 ea. Storage pouch, 1 ea. Protective hanging pouch,1 ea. Patient isolated medical grade 120/240V, 50/60 Hz. AC adapter/charger, PC-Display application software, Reviewer ECG Reviewer software to store and archive patient files 


 CPU: Minimum 800 MHz. PC desktop, laptop or tablet computer/ MEMORY: 512 MB minimum for 1-2 monitors per computer/ OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7, Vista or XP (32 bit only for XP) /AUDIO: Any Windows audio hardware and speakers / VIDEO: 32 MB video RAM, 64 MB recommended, resolution1024 x 768, color profiling disabled. PORTS: Spare USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
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PC-Vet Gard Wireless Monitor

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Non-invasive Blood pressure Add-on

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Masimo IRMA II Mainstream CO2 Sensor

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