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Warming Blankets

Gaymar TP700 T/Pump


The new Stryker 700 series T/Pump® system replaces the popular model TP650 providing safe and effective warming and cooling therapy with precise temperature control. By circulating water through a leakproof pad, conductive temperature therapy effectively treats a variety of localized conditions including muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and edema. It also helps prevent body heat loss and hypothermia during veterinary surgery and recovery. Surround your patient with continuous warmth by connecting two Mul.T.Pads to one T/Pump®. * Available with Gaymar Clik-Tite connectors or optional Colder style connectors for heavy duty pads.

  • For warming therapy, select from 50°F (10°C), 95°F (35°C), 100°F (38°) or 107°F (42°C) set points
  • Cooling setting delivers 50°F (10°C) therapy using ice in reservoir
  • Three-layer safety system with dual temperature sensors, dual microprocessors and a mechanical thermostat to ensure patient safety
  • Illuminated LED control panel, comfortable handle, built-in hose and cord storage and translucent water reservoir all were designed for ease of use in any facility
  • Uses tap water (and ice cubes if cooling)
  • Timed temperature therapy cycles can be set to 20 minutes, 30 minutes or continuous therapy
  • Optional T/Pump Stand available for convenient placement and ease of transport (comes with storage basket for pads and accessories)
  • Size: 8"w x 11.5"h x 8"d (20cm x 29cm x 20cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs. empty (3.0kg)
  • UL Listed, CSA Approved - One year warranty

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Gaymar Heat Pump

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T/pump Pads & Blankets


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18″x26″ Green Single Patient Use/10 Per Package

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15″x22″ Re-usable – Green
Re-usable Pad * Unavailable

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V016 – 20″x16″ Heavy Duty Pad -BLACK (Re-usable Pad)

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V029 – 20″x29″ Heavy Duty Pad -BLACK (Re-usable)

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V057 – 20″x57″ Heavy Duty Pad -BLACK (Re-usable)

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*Heavy duty black pads use Push-Button connectors. TP26E pads feature Click-Tites.
Push-button connectors are available for $18.00/pair and required to connect heavy duty pads to a TP-700 pump.
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Adroit Warming Pump

Adroit Warming Pump

The Adroit Medical HTP-1500 heating pump is a safe and accurate patient warming system that circulates warmed tap water through a pad.Can be safely used as an aid to prevent hypothermia during procedures on small animals.  The digital controller uses proprietary software to manage your prescribed set-point temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit (1.0°F)!* Three temperature safety limits guard against the possibility of overheating and the Hi Limit Switches can be tested without taking the unit apart. *Pads sold separately.Includes hose adapters for use with Stryker/Gaymar and CSZ Pads.*Pads sold separately

  • Uses tap water
  • Real-time, easy-to-read display
  • Biotech friendly
  • Optional IV Pole Mount available, not included
  • Made in the USA

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Nellcor WarmTouch 6000 Patient Warming System


Currently UnavailableThe WarmTouch™ convective air warming system gives you a convenient, cost-effective way to maintain normothermia in your patients, which minimizes post-surgical complications and improves recovery time. WarmTouch™ blankets (sold seperately) are flexible to use for most procedures. Made of a soft but strong quilted material, they offer durability, even airflow and comfort.

  • Easy to use: New intuitive LCD screen and menu function provide all information at a glance
  • Easy to control: 5 different settings, including ambient and boost, for more flexibility and precision
  • Easy to handle: The low weight makes it easy to transport and attach to a cart, bed rail or an IV pole
  • Easy to service: The onscreen filter expiration warning makes it easy to maintain and service
  • Maximum Contact Temperature 44.1C(111.4F)
  • Six versatile latex free blanket styles meet a wide range of needs without cluttering your inventory.

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Warmtouch 6000 Unit – Refurbished

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Mobile Cart For Warmtouch 6000

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Warmtouch CareDrape Warming Blankets:
Upper Body w/Head Drape (24″W x 72″L) 12/box

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Warmtouch CareDrape Warming Blankets:
Lower Body Blanket (34″W x 52″L) 12/box

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Warmtouch CareDrape Warming Blankets:
Pediatric Blanket (22″W x 35″L) 12/box

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Warmtouch CareDrape Warming Blankets:
Full-Body Blanket (33″W x 74″L) 25/box

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Warmtouch CareDrape Warming Blankets:
Pediatric Blanket (27″W x 49″L) 12/box

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