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Ceiling Drop Hose & Hose Retractor

These versatile hose assemblies are manufactured with CGA standard color-coded medical grade conductive hose and attach to standard ceiling outlets with secure DISS screw-on connectors. At the bottom of the hose drops are DISS Connects or Female Quick-connects which allow fast access to an anesthesia machines equipped with a male Quick-connect. Hose retractors can be mounted directly on the ceiling outlet or to the ceiling. *Please specify the ceiling height as well as gas type, and connector type when ordering. (O2, Air, Vac, N2O. CO2 and Evac). Custom cut hoses are not returnable but DISS connects can be be converted to Quick-Connects.
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Hose Retractor w/ 48″ Stainless Steel Cable (No Hose)

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60″ Oxygen – Chemetron Quick-Connect

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60″ Oxygen – Ohmeda Quick-Connect

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