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Connector Types Explained

Clik-Tite Connector

Colder Style Connector

*Specify which connectors you will need when placing your order.

Gaymar Click-Tite connectors are available for $22.00/pair

Push-Button connectors for reusable black pads are available for $18.00/pair
Push-Button Colder connectors for blue pads are available for $22.00/pair

We offer two types of connectors for warming pads. The TP-700 pump includes Clik-Tite connectors which are compatible with all green Gaymar pads. Our heavy duty black pads and solid acrylic pads feature push-button Colder Style connectors which are not compatible with Clik-Tites.
Fortunately, you can purchase the connector type you need for any pad. Simply cut off the original connector, dip the hose end in warm water to soften it, and then push the barb end of the new connector into the hose.

Clik-Tites come with Pad #’s:TP22E, TP26E,TP22G
Colder Push-Button come with Pad #’s:V016, V029, V057

The TP-700 and its predecessors are all cross compatible and capable of using the same exact pads.

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