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The Free Oxygen Veterinary Anesthesia Machine The Pureline M6000 extracts pure, medical-grade oxygen from the air and delivers it on demand. With no tanks, tank refills, or tank management, the M6000 pays for itself in as little as one year. No larger than standard anesthesia equipment, it comes complete and ready to operate. The M6000 is quiet, elegantly simple to operate, and requires almost no maintenance. While similar machines have been in use in Europe for years, Supera has perfected the technology, added important safety features, and is making this money-saving equipment available in the US for the first time. Includes Push-Button Safety Pop-Off Valve.
  • Includes back-up oxygen supply
  • Industry-leading 10-year Warranty
  • Audible and illuminated safety alerts
  • Energy efficient; Average 12 cents a day to operate
  • FDA approved, UL listed
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Anesthesia Machine w/ Concentrator

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Anesthesia Machine w/ Concentrator & Well-fill Isoflurane Vaporize

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Concentrator & Stand without Anesthesia Machine

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