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Matrx 3000 Small Animal Anesthesia Ventilator

Electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure-limited ventilator provides even delivery of anesthesia, assuring a constant volume for each delivered breath, regardless of patient compliance and airway resistance.
  • Lower levels of anesthesia, more responsive patients, more economical operation, with blood CO2 and pH levels closer to normal
  • Interchangeable bellows adapt to animals from 1 kg to 300 kg
  • Max. working pressure limit (MWPL) adjustable from 10-60 cm H2O
  • Dual airway pressure alarms
  • Optional low supply gas alarm signals supply gas pressure below 35 psi
  • Respiratory rates from 6-40 breaths per minute at inspiratory flow rates from 0-100 lpm
  • Tidal volumes from 20 -3,000 cc / Built-in scavenging port
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3000 Ventilator w/ 300-1600ml Bellows
Patient Weight: 30-264 lbs (14-120kg)

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3000 Ventilator w/ 0-300ml Bellows
Patient Weight up to 66 lbs (30kg)

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3000 Ventilator w/ 1600 – 3000ml Bellows
Patient Weight 154-660 lbs (70-300kg)

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0-300ml Bellows attachment Only- Includes
Belows, adapter & Housing

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