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Schuco-Vac 430 Compact Suction Pump
The Schuco-Vac 430 is a compact portable suction unit which provides variable controlled vacuum regulation between 0-22 Hg and a suction flow rate of 28 lpm. Features easy to read vibratio-free regulator gauge and a hydrophobic/bacteria filter to prevent pump flooding and contamination. Includes 3 bacteria filters, tubing kit and an 800cc collection canister. 1/10HP motor, 115V 60Hz (220V available). 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
Model 430Schuco Compact Aspirator $218.00

Schuco-Vac 330 Aspirator Suction Unit
The Schuco-Vac 330 is a durable medical suction unit which provides variable controlled vacuum regulation between 0-22 Hg and a suction flow rate of 28 lpm. Features vibration-free, easy to read regulator gauge and a hydrophobic/bacteria filter to prevent pump flooding and contamination. Includes 3 bacteria filters, tubing kit and an 800cc collection canister. Accepts 800cc & 1200cc canisters. 1/10HP motor, 115V 60Hz (220V available). 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
Model 330 Schuco Aspirator $249.00

Schuco-Vac 130 Aspirator
Schuco medical suction systems have been recognized for quiet & reliable performance since 1908. Features include: Corrosion resistant, thermal protected motor, & permanent lubrication for maintenance-free operation. Includes 800cc plastic container. 1/10HP motor, 115V 60Hz(220V available) 18 pound shipping weight. 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
Model 130 Schuco Vac $279.00

Heavy Duty Suction Pump Aspirator
This Heavy Duty Suction Pump Machine is the perfect solution for all your suction needs, producing a maximum vacuum of 560 mmHg. The unit is equipped with an 800 ml collection bottle and is designed for convenient and reliable use. It includes an anti-bacteria filter, a high quality vacuum regulator, anti-vibration vacuum gauge, oil-less permanent lubrication, and a collection bottle with overflow protection. The Heavy Duty Suction Pump Machine is also easy to carry and easy to clean.
One Year Warranty. UL approved.
Model 18600 Heavy Duty Aspirator $170.00

Gomco® OptiVac Portable AC/DC Suction Pump
The new G180 is the second generation OptiVac in the industry-leading Gomco line of portable suction equipment. Its compact design, ease of operation, rechargeable battery, AC power supply and fully-enclosed water-resistant design are just a few of its advanced features. Includes rechargeable battery, plastic 1500ml canister & lid, 15" & 72" Tubing & 3 filters. 3 year warranty on unit and 1 year on battery. (25-550 mm Hg vacuum range, 1-22" Hg, 30 Lpm minimum, Wt: 11.4 lbs / Dims: 9.4" x 7.5" x16.8")
Model G180 Optivac Portable Suction Unit $616.00
Model L190-BAG Carry Case with Shoulder Strap $120.00

Schuco Disposable Collection Canisters & Tubing
Item S1160-RPL 1200cc canister w/ safety lid Pkg/4 $41.00
Item S1160A-RPL2000cc canister w/ safety lid Pkg/4 $43.00
Item S1160B-RPL800cc canister w/ safety lid Pkg/5 $41.00
Item S615473 Blue-tip suction tubing-13" $3.00
Item S615725 Blue-tip suction tubing-72" $9.00
Item S610100 Suction tubing kit w/ 72" &13" lengths$11.60
Item S1166 50' roll ¼ suction tubing $39.00
Item DYND50132 Sterile Yankauer Tip w/ Vent $4.00

Medical Suction Wall Outlets
A variety of vacuum and gas outlets are available including Connect2 outlets which accept both Ohmeda and Chemetron Quick-Connect Adapters. Fail-safe color coding and safety keyed to ensure appropriate gas or vacuum. Chemetron adapters can support suction regulator with 1/2 gallon collection bottle.

ITEM 64-02-5002 Connect2 Quick-Connect Vacuum Outlet $79.00
ITEM 64-02-5006 Connect2 Quick-Connect Gas-Evac Outlet $79.00
ITEM 64-04-VAC Allied DISS screw-on vacuum outlet $79.00
ITEM S-261000-5 Ohio DISS screw-on vacuum outlet $79.00
ITEM O-DISWAL Amico DISS screw-on vacuum outlet $65.00
ITEM O-QDWAL Amico Ohmeda Quick-Connect Vacuum Outlet$59.00

AMVEX Central Suction Vacuum Regulator
This continuous medical suction regulator features a large 2.5" gauge, a quick switch for Regulated / Off / Full vacuum, an easy to use control knob for accurate control of suction within range of 0-200 mm Hg / 0-80 Lpm. Conveniently connects to medical Gas/ Vac wall outlets with a choice of adapters including DISS-F, Chemetron Male Quick-connect, Ohmeda Male Quick-connect, ¼ NPT Female, Oxyquip, & Puritan. (Also available with intermittent suction) 3 year warranty.
We carry all Amvex Suction Regulators. Call for models not shown.
Model SRQ2003 Continuous w/ DISS-F wall adapter $235.00
Model SRQ2007 Continuous w/ Ohmeda Quick-connect $259.00
Model SRQ2009 Continuous w/ Chemetron Quick-connect $250.00
Model SRQ2104 Intermittent/Cont w/ DISS-F wall adapter $475.00
Model SRQ2107 Intermittent/Cont w/ Ohmeda Quick-connect $490.00
Model SRQ2109 Intermittent/Cont w/ Chemetron Quick-connect$490.00

Ohmeda Medical Vacuum Regulators

Ohmeda vacuum regulators with color coded Standard gauge provide regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Control knob regulates vacuum levels from zero to full line vacuum in one complete turn. Provide regulated continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures, trauma suctioning and continuous nasogastric drainage. Ohmeda intermittent suction regulators add an intermittent mode for nasogastric drainage. Surgical regulators offer 0-150 Lpm while standard regulators offer 0-80 Lpm. Choice of wall adapters. Three year warranty. NOTE: Limited Availability
Ohio Medical has replaced Ohmeda with Ohio / Amvex (Amico) regulators.
Model S-6701-1227 Pediatric Continuous 0-160mm Hg – Ohmeda QC (on/off) $188.00
Model S-6701-1226 Continuous 0-760 mmHg (on/off/ surgical free-flow) - Ohmeda QC $230.00
Model S-6701-1251 Intermittent/Continuous 0-200mmHg (on/off/full vac) - DISS Nut $655.00
Model S-AI4125 Canister bracket for 1200cc canister $12.00
Model S-6700-0016 Wall Plate bracket holder $26.00

Vacutron Central Suction regulator
The CONTINUOUS "General Patient" Suction Regulator is designed to give accurate, precise control of vacuum up to 300mm Hg from a centrally piped source. Surgical suction models offer an additional Full Line setting to deliver full unregulated line pressure. Vacuum levels up to 300mm Hg are indicated on a color-coded, glow in the dark 2" gauge. New over-sized knob for easy adjustment with just one full turn of the knob. Operational vacuum source range 12-30Hg. Unit can be cleaned by flushing with cold sterilant. Choice of wall adapter fittings include DISS-F, Chemetron Male Quick-connect, Ohmeda Male Quick-connect, ¼ NPT Female, Oxyquip, & Puritan. Two year warranty.
Model 22-13-1207 Continuous Suction DISS-F Outlet
& *barb-Stem bottom inlet
Model 22-12-1207 Surgical Suction w/ Full setting DISS-F Outlet
& *barb-Stem bottom inlet
Model 22-15-1207 Continuous/Intermittent DISS-F Outlet
& *barb-Stem bottom inlet
Model 20-08-00041500cc plastic bottle / DISS cap- 48/case $179.00
Model 20-08-00041500cc plastic bottle / stem cap- 48/case $179.00
Model 20-02-0150Plastic bottle ring holder Pkg/12 $44.00
Model 22-11-0006Aluminum Wall bracket for ring holders $28.00

Allied/Schuco Bacterial Filter
Allied Hydrophobic/bacteria filters prevent fluids and other contaminants from entering and damaging suction pumps. Superb filtering efficiency provides 99.97% D.O.P. retention (.3 micron particle size). Available with 1/8 NPT pipe thread on one end for connection to vacuum regulator and ¼"hosebarb for connection to vacuum tubing; or hosebarb on both ends.
Item 01-90-3100 1 pack/ 3 filters (Hosebard x Threaded) $17.00
Item 01-90-3928 1 pack/ 3 filters (Hosebarb x Hosebarb) $17.00

Collection Canister Carrier
Carries up to four disposable collection canisters of either 1500 ml or 2000 ml size. Durable, chrome-plated steel construction that's easy to clean. No-snag, free spinning, rotating casters. Accommodates hardware for expansion. Includes two shut-off valves for regulating the suction to the canisters, Diss swivel nut connection, 5/16" barb.
Model 20-02-0030 Approx. 21 inches tall. Holds 4 canisters $279.00
Model 20-02-0023 Approx. 36 inches tall. Holds 4 canisters $319.00
Model 20-02-0031 Approx. 52 inches tall. Holds 8 canisters $369.00

PowerMax Surgical Suction Systems
  • Suitable for oral surgeons & veterinary use.
  • Pulling power up to 21" Hg
  • Configurations to meet the needs of various size practices.
  • Easy maintenance for years of reliable service.
  • Optional low-voltage control relay for remote operation.
  • On-site field servicing of rotary vane pumps eliminates extended downtime.
  • Motor cycles on/off as needed to maintain continuous suction in tank
  • Optional exhaust manifold available for clinics scavenging N20 & waste gas

  • NOTE: PM-1 requires 1" copper pipe installation
       PM-3 requires 1.5" copper pipe installation

    Model Size(HxWxD) Horsepower Tank
    PM-1 29"x38"x16" 1 @ 3/4 HP 20 gal. 230V @6.1 Amps 1 8 170 lbs. $3,990.00
    PM-3 29"x38"x16" 2 @ 3/4 HP 20 gal. 230V @12.2 Amps 2-3 16 210 lbs. $5,726.00
    PM-4 34"x48"x21" 3 @ 3/4 HP 35 gal. 230V @ 18.3 Amps 3-4 24 250 lbs. $7,375.00

    Liquid and Waste Gas Evacuation Fan

    Waste gas and liquid aspiration in one unit!

    This waste gas evacuation system utilizes a sealed evacuation unit to remove waste gases to the outside air. This is an OSHA compliant method of removing waste gases from the anesthesia machine using a high quality, ultra quiet, American made motor. Maintenance free design provides years of trouble free service. Compatible with standard medical gas outlets outlets with ¼ NPT Male copper pipe thread. Features built-in circuit breaker, hour meter, stainless steel enclosure, mounting brackets and 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty.
    • Capacity: 1-20 Anesthesia Machines; 5 anesthesia machines and 2 liquid aspiration outlets;
      10 anesthesia machines and 1 liquid aspiration outlets;
      20 anesthesia locations using standard WAGD wall outlets
    • Electrical: Voltage: 115, Hz: 50/60 Full Load Amps: 4.0
    • Inlet & Outlet: 1/4 NPT Male pipe thread
    • Agency Compliance: UL Recognized US and Canada (E47479), Certified to UL-507 standards from TUV-SUD America Inc. Certified for US and Canada
    Model EVC3100 Waste Gas Evacuation & Liquid Aspiration system $729.00

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