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Ohmeda Medical Vacuum Regulators

Ohmeda vacuum regulators with color coded Standard gauge provide regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Control knob regulates vacuum levels from zero to full line vacuum in one complete turn. Provide regulated continuous suction for tracheal and pharyngeal airway management, surgical procedures, trauma suctioning and continuous nasogastric drainage. Ohmeda intermittent suction regulators add an intermittent mode for nasogastric drainage. Surgical regulators offer 0-150 Lpm while standard regulators offer 0-80 Lpm. Choice of wall adapters. Three year warranty. NOTE: Limited Availability Ohio Medical has replaced Ohmeda with Ohio / Amvex (Amico) regulators
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Pediatric Continuous 0-160mm Hg – Ohmeda QC (on/off)

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Continuous 0-760 mmHg (on/off/ surgical free-flow) – Ohmeda QC

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Intermittent/Continuous 0-200mmHg (on/off/full vac) – DISS Nut

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Canister bracket for 1200cc canister

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Wall Plate bracket holder

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