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Portable Oxygen Cylinders
Model #DescriptionSpecificationsPrice
PX-8703-1T E Cylinder25"x 4.5" / 679 Liters/ 7.3 lbs / 2015psi $72.00
PX-8702-1T D Cylinder16"x 4.5" / 425 Liters / 5.1 lbs / 2015psi $69.00
PX-8701-1T M9-C Cylinder10.5"x 4.5" / 246 Liters / 3.6 lbs / 2015psi $66.00
PX-8700-1T M6 (B) Cylinder11.75"x 3" / 164 Liters / 5.8 lbs / 2216psi $57.00
*NOTE: Cylinders are shipped empty with a Toggle valve.
*Add suffix -1W to substitute a wrench in place of toggle valve.

Oxygen Cylinder Cart
Height adjustable cart accepts both E and D cylinders.
Model PX-1020 Cylinder Cart $34.00
Model PX-1020-ECylinder Cart with E Cylinder$100.00

Small Cylinder Floor Stand
Floor base holds C, D, or E cylinders.
Model MCS Small cylinder floor stand $39.00

Large Cylinder Floor Stand
Floor base holds H, M or M60 cylinders.
Model HCS2-M Large cylinder floor stand $67.00

Slim Line Oxygen Flowmeters
These aluminum and chrome plated brass flow meters are designed for quick connection and compatibility with all standard hospital wall outlets in either single or double flow meter models. Each flowmeter incorporates a metal-to-metal seat design for precise flow control and increased flood rate.
  • Calibrated to 50 psi inlet
  • Available in chrome/brass or lightweight aluminum green body
  • Polycarbonate inner and outer tubes provide greater accuracy and durability
  • Optional power take-off units & neonatel models available
  • MR safe 1/5-15LPM model available
  • 6 year limited warranty

Product No.˝-15LPM Aluminum FlowmetersPrice
FMA107Flowmeter with Ohmeda Adaptor$62.00
FMA109Flowmeter with Chemetron Adaptor$59.00
FMA103Flowmeter with DISS Hex Nut$39.00
FMA104Flowmeter with DISS Handtight Nut$39.00
FMA102Flowmeter with 1/4" NPT Male$39.00
FMA101Flowmeter with 1/8" NPT Male$34.00
Product No.˝-7LPM Aluminum FlowmetersPrice
FMA207Flowmeter with Ohmeda Adaptor*$69.00
FMA209Flowmeter with Chemetron Adaptor$54.00
FMA203Flowmeter with DISS Hex Nut*$43.00
FMA204Flowmeter with DISS Handtight Nut$43.00
Product No.˝-15LPM Chromed Brass FlowmetersPrice
FME107Flowmeter with Ohmeda Adaptor$59.00
FME109Flowmeter with Chemetron Adaptor$50.00
FME103Flowmeter with DISS Hex Nut$38.00
FME104Flowmeter with DISS Handtight Nut$41.00
Product No.˝-7LPM Chromed Brass FlowmetersPrice
FME207Flowmeter with Ohmeda Adaptor$85.00
FME209Flowmeter with Chemetron Adaptor$57.00
FME203Flowmeter with DISS Hex Nut$43.00
FME204Flowmeter with DISS Handtight Nut$43.00

Product No.MRI safe 1/5-15LPMPrice
FMR100MR safe Flowmeter with 1/8"-27 NPT$49.00
NMR870-15FMMR safe Flowmeter & CGA870 Regulator$180.00
NMR-870-PMR Safe Regulator- Preset 50 Psi$154.00

Quick-Click™ Oxygen Wall Flowmeter
QuickClick™ click-style oxygen flowmeters provide confidence with every connection. That's because there is no flow tube to adjust. Just mount the meter in the wall and click dial your precise metered flow.
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum body: 8.4 oz.
  • Calibrated to 50 psi inlet
  • Optional Power Take-Off units provide 50 psi additional outlet pressure
  • Dual units for multi-patient use from one wall outlet
  • Choice of DISS or Quick-connect wall adapters
Model CFM104-08 1/2 to 08 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $58.00
Model CFM104-15 1/2 to 15 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $58.00
Model CFM104-25 1/2 to 25 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $58.00
Model CFM107-08 1/2 to 08 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $67.00
Model CFM107-15 1/2 to 15 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $67.00
Model CFM107-25 1/2 to 25 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $67.00

Quick-Click™ Oxygen Dual Flowmeter
QuickClick™ click-style oxygen flowmeters provide confidence with every connection. That's because there is no flow tube to adjust. Just mount the meter in the wall and click your precise metered flow.

  • Calibrated to 50 psi inlet
  • Optional Power Take-Off units provide 50 psi additional outlet pressure
  • Dual units for multi-patient use from one wall outlet
  • Choice of DISS or Quick-connect wall adapters
Model CFM404-08 1/2 to 08 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $109.00
Model CFM404-15 1/2 to 15 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $109.00
Model CFM404-25 1/2 to 25 lpm DISS Handtight Adapter $109.00
Model CFM407-08 1/2 to 08 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $115.00
Model CFM407-15 1/2 to 15 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $115.00
Model CFM407-25 1/2 to 25 lpm Ohmeda Quick-connect $115.00

Click-Style Oxygen Regulator
  • These high-pressure regulators with flow control valves are designed to maintain a pressure of 50 psi and provide a variable flow rate within 12 settings when provided with a gaseous oxygen supply from 500 to 2200 psi.
  • 0-8 lpm Yoke style/CGA870
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body with brass core.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS Code: E1353.
  • Five Year Warranty.
Model 14002 Flow Settings: 0 - 8 Lpm in 1 Lpm increments $35.00
Model 14002A Flow Settings: 0 -15 Lpm in 1 Lpm increments $35.00

OPA Click-Style Regulator
  • 0-15 LPM Click Style Regulator
  • Flow Settings: .25, .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15
  • CGA-870 Yoke, Ľ hose barb
  • Compact aluminum body with brass inlet chamber
  • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 psi
  • Sintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life
  • Internal reseating relief valve protects against over pressurization
  • 1-˝" diameter gauge
  • Designed for pediatric, homecare, hospital and emergency applications
  • Model OPA-820 OPA Regulator $60.00
    Model PX-1850Dual Lumin Nasal Cannula 7' $3.00
    Model MS4121 Oxygen tubing – crush resistant – 21'$45.00

    Basic Oxygen Transfiller
    This oxygen refilling assembly system provides a convenient way to refill small oxygen cylinders such as E, D, and M9 cylinders from a single large oxygen cylinder equipped with a CGA540 regulator. Includes 4000psi oxygen gauge, Handtight connector for large tank regulator, 5' SS hose, and CGA-870 oxygen yoke for small cylinder. Oxygen Cylinder Not Included.
    Model PX-2000 Basic Oxygen Transfiller $197.00

    *Note: This item involves high pressure and can only be used by a trained oxygen service technician or medgas provider.

    Manual Dual Oxygen Manifold
    Dual oxygen tank manifold is available as shown or in a kit which includes (2) oxygen regulators, (2) oxygen hose assemblies and tank restraints for 2 cylinders. Allows connection of two large H cylinders with regulators.
    *For veterinary and animal research use only.
    Model 77000779 Oxygen Manifold w/ gauge & relief valve $409.00
    Model 77000285 Tank Restraints for 2 H or G size Cylinders $114.00
    Model A508 Oxygen Regulator 50 Psig $96.00
    Model C4OXY036 Oxygen 3' Pigtail Hose assembly $23.00
    Model 77000KIT Kit including Manifold, 2 cylinder regulators,
    2 hoses & tank restraints

    High Pressure Reserve Manifold
    MCLA high pressure medical reserve manifolds are specifically designed for healthcare facilities requiring an emergency back-up supply to meet NFPA-99 requirements.
  • 1/2" plugged tee for "reserve low" pressure switch (WME-4-10 or WME-4-9).
  • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 PSIG.
  • Adjustable regulator: MCLA 30-60 PSIG / MCLAHP 40-300 PSIG
  • Manifold outlet: 1/2" NPT.
  • 24" copper pigtails with permanent end connections with check valves.
  • 1/2" brass, silver brazed headers.
  • MCLA features 10" centered inlets (5" staggered inlets available)
  • Model MCLA-9-3 Oxygen Reserve Manifold for 3 Cylinders,
    4' - 5"
    Model MCLA-9-4 Oxygen Reserve Manifold for 4 Cylinders,
    5' - 3"
    Model MCLA-9-6 Oxygen Reserve Manifold for 6 Cylinders,
    7' - 0"
    *AVAILABLE DESIGN LENGTHS for up to 9 cylinders

    AGM2 Automatic Medical Manifold
    This automatic changeover manifold is designed to provide a reliable uninterrupted supply of gas to a hospital or clinic's medical gas pipeline system by automatically changing over to the secondary cylinder bank when the primary bank is depleted. Includes a manifold control and two supply bank headers, one service supply and one secondary supply. Features green “system normal" and red “replace depleted cylinders" indicator lights, analog gauges for both cylinder pressure and line pressure, internal dual line assembly and line relief valve. When the depleted cylinders are replaced with full cylinders, the operator should then turn the control knob to the opposite cylinder bank to make the partially used “Secondary bank" the “Service" supply. A failsafe configuration allows the red light to be extinguished only when sufficient pressure is supplied from both banks.

    The supply header features 24" pigtails with check valves, individual spud check valve bushings, and master shut-off valves. CGA connections with integral check valves are located at each header station. Special header configurations available upon request. (U-shaped, L-shaped, etc.). 115/24VAC power supply box includes circuit board with dry contacts for hook up to all remote alarms regardless of voltage- up to 3 amps 30VDC or 2 amps 250 VAC.A separate power supply is furnished with the manifold to convert 120 VAC to 24 VAC. The power supply is CSA approved. Designed to meet NFPA 99 type 1 facility requirements. Oxygen delivery pressure: 30-60-psig.
    2 year limited warranty.
    Model AGM2-9-4 Automatic Manifold for 4 Oxygen Cylinders $3,250.00
    Model AGM2-9-8 Automatic Manifold for 8 Oxygen Cylinders $3,895.00
    Note: Other available models can accommodate 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 Cylinders


    Oxygen Analyzer with Internal Sensor
    • Easy Operation / Compact, durable, O-ring sealed, ABS case
    • Completely sealed "splash proof" unit / Built in flow restrictor
    • Gas calibration for air or pure oxygen
    • On/Off/On with backlight / Fast response, long life sensor
    • Temperature range 0-50C (32-122F)
    • Easy sensor and battery replacement
    • Replaceable standard AAA batteries w/ Low Battery Warning
    • Expected battery lifetime of 2 years
    • Resolution 0.1% O2 / Measurement Range 0.1-100% O2
    • Deluxe carrying and storage case
    OA-01-01 OxyCheq Analyzer $299.00

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