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 ANIMEC Fluid Warmer
 I-Warm Veterinary IV Fluid Warmer

Animec Fluid Warmer

AM301 blood influsion warmer

These economical fluid warmers use standard IV tubing instead of special disposable sets. An electrically-powered, dry heat warmer supplies external heat to the plastic tubing incorporated in IV tube sets. The IV set is placed in the 'S' shaped channel between the aluminum heating plates. The device is available with a 5mm tube size ( 4.1~ 5.0 dia.) or a 3.0-4.0 tube diameter accommodating most tube sizes.

Operating Temperature: 36 ºC - 39 ºC (96.8 ºF - 102.2 ºF) *
Flow rate: 1-20ml / min.
Safety Features: Alarm set to 42.5 ºC. Heating plate & fluid temperature sensor, Temperature fuse, dry-heat
Size/weight: 115 (L) x 65 (W) x 265 (H) mm; 1kg (2bs)
ULS, CSA, FDA Approved. One year warranty parts abd labor
  • Warms blood and fluid for 2 patients at the same time
  • Flow Rate reaches up to 20cc/minute
  • Set desired temperature and read current temperatures
  • Has visual and audio alarm
AM-301-4BAnimec Fluid Warmer 110-120v, 3.1-4mm Tube$1,510.00
AM-301-5BAnimec Fluid Warmer 110-120v, 4.1-5mm Tube$1,510.00
AM-301-4AAnimec Fluid Warmer 220-250v, 3.1-4mm Tube$1,510.00
AM-301-5AAnimec Fluid Warmer 220-250v, 4.1-5mm Tube$1,510.00
0-20 ml/min Flowrate / 4.1mm - 5.0mm tube diameter
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I-Warm Veterinary IV Fluid Warmer

New economical fluid warmer with temperature display for standard IV sets
  • Convenient hanging belt to hang on I.V. pole
  • Current temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Indicators for warming (orange), power (green), and overheating (red)
  • Reduced prep time to warm fluid
  • Can monitor temperature second to second
  • Compatible with standard I.V. sets
  • Quickly brings the temperature of the fluid up to the patient's
  • 1 Year Warranty
Model VF-4 I-Warm IV Fluid Warmer $411.00

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