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MATRX VMS Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

The VMS Small Animal Anesthesia Machine is designed for safe, simple, and controllable small animal inhalation anesthesia. The VMS comes complete with a 0.2 to 4 LPM oxygen flowmeter, a 60 LPM oxygen flush, a refillable 1500cc C02 absorber designed to accept 1350 gm of loose absorbent or Baralyme®, pre-packs, dome-type inhalation and exhalation valves, a large -60 to +60 cm H20 pressure gauge, a scavenging pressure relief valve, an air intake valve, two 40" (102cm) corrugated breathing tubes w/ Y-piece, and a two-liter breathing bag. 3 year warranty.
Note: Midmark / Matrx items are not authorized for shipment into Canada.
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Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

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Anesthesia machine w/ new VP300N vaporizer

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Single E-cylinder Mounting block / yoke

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Double E-cylinder Mounting block/ yoke

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