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The VME2 small animal anesthesia machine by MDS Matrx offers a sleek new space saving design, incorporating over 30 years of manufacturing experience, from the world's leading manufacturer of veterinary anesthesia machines. Features include: Visible dome-type inhalation & exhalation valves, 0.2-4 LPM Dual view oxygen flowmeter with switchable regular or magnified view, 1100 cc CO2 absorber, Scavenging pressure relief valve,ISO-9000 certification, -60 to +60cm H2O pressure gauge, Two 40" Breathing tubes, 1 Liter & 2 Liter Breath Bag, 5 Leg Caster. Optional Safety Push Button Occlusion Valve for Pop-Off. 3 year warranty. Note: Midmark / Matrx items are not authorized for shipment into Canada. 
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Anesthesia Machine with TEC-3 Well-Fill Isoflurane vaporizer

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Veterinary Anesthesia Machine without Vaporizer

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