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Corix Pro 70 Veterinary Dental X-Ray

70 KVP - 8mA TUBEHEAD with a small focal point, low energy filter and beam limiting device ensures outstanding sharpness and maximum detail. Positioning is made easier with angle indicator on both sides of the unit. Lead shields and critical components are oversized to provide more years of safe and trouble free operation.

VETERINARY HANDHELD TIMER HANDPIECE Easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is choose dog or cat and the type of tooth. The microprocessor will automatically choose the exposure time, according to the type and position of the tooth, patient, film or digital sensor with automatic compensation for the main voltage variation and manual override if required. Full protection against x-ray tube overheating: the microprocessor will set the minimum cooling period between exposures, thus extending the tubehead life. LONG REACH DOUBLE POSITIONING ARM moves effortlessly and folds compactly when not in use. Easy to position and does not drift. WALL MOUNT, comes with a choice of three extension arms to fit your needs. Standard 71 1/8" total inside reach (Comes Standard), Short 53 3/8" total inside reach (Option), or Long 75" total inside reach (Option)


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