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AGM2 Automatic Medical Manifold

This automatic changeover manifold is designed to provide a reliable uninterrupted supply of gas to a hospital or clinic's medical gas pipeline system by automatically changing over to the secondary cylinder bank when the primary bank is depleted. Includes a manifold control and two supply bank headers, one service supply and one secondary supply. Features green “system normal" and red “replace depleted cylinders" indicator lights, analog gauges for both cylinder pressure and line pressure, internal dual line assembly and line relief valve. When the depleted cylinders are replaced with full cylinders, the operator should then turn the control knob to the opposite cylinder bank to make the partially used “Secondary bank" the “Service" supply. A failsafe configuration allows the red light to be extinguished only when sufficient pressure is supplied from both banks. The supply header features 24" pigtails with check valves, individual spud check valve bushings, and master shut-off valves. CGA connections with integral check valves are located at each header station. Special header configurations available upon request. (U-shaped, L-shaped, etc.). 115/24VAC power supply box includes circuit board with dry contacts for hook up to all remote alarms regardless of voltage- up to 3 amps 30VDC or 2 amps 250 VAC.A separate power supply is furnished with the manifold to convert 120 VAC to 24 VAC. The power supply is CSA approved. Designed to meet NFPA 99 type 1 facility requirements. Oxygen delivery pressure: 30-60-psig. 2 year limited warranty.
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Automatic Manifold for 8 Oxygen Cylinders

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Automatic Manifold for 4 Oxygen Cylinders

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Automatic Manifold for 2 Oxygen Cylinders

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