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These single or double wide viewers house two 15 watt fluorescent daylight bulbs per viewing area. One year warranty. Also available in a recessed, flush mount model which features custom colors and an advanced reflector design.
Model RCI147 Standard Single 15" x 20" $167.00
Model RCI247 Standard Double 28" x 21" $340.00
Model IL147 Economy Single 15" x 20" $133.00
Model IL247 Economy Double 28" x 21" $245.00
Model IL147R Recessed / Single 15" x 20" $158.00
Model IL247R Recessed / Double 28" x 21" $330.00
Model 501R Recessed / Single 15" x 20" $456.00
Model 502R Recessed / Double 28" x 21" $910.00

NOTE: 3 Bank and 4 Bank Illuminators Available

These light-weight aprons offer full physicist-certified protection, a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes, and 0.5mm lead equivalent protection.

Model LMET Economy Apron w/ Ties $112.00
Model LMEV Economy Apron w/ Velcro $135.00
Model 60948 Standard Apron w/ Ties $177.00
Model 60947 Deluxe Apron w/ Choice of Velcro
or Quick Release Buckle
Model 60895 Heavy Duty, Smooth, Veterinarian
Apron w/ Ties(Gray only)
Model TS1E Thyroid Collar $35.00
Model TS5 Thyroid Collar (Attached to Apron) $55.00

These comfortable and truly flexible gloves feature a one-piece molded design of cotton backed polyurethane. 15" length and .5mm of protection.
Model LG12 Vinyl Gloves - Pair $165.00

Protects full palm, thumb and back of hand. Finger opening for holding animal.
Model SM100 Slit Mitten $108.00

Protects hands yet leaves fingers and palms open for touch control. Velcro wrist strap and elastic finger loops. 15mm lead.
Model MIT22 Hand Shields $90.00

Mobile X-Ray Shield
Designed to protect the patient against scattered radiation, the Mobile Shield is ideal for chest, skull and spine radiography. Screen is made of lead vinyl with a .25mm lead protection and is attractively covered on both sides by easy to maintain vinyl. Screen is 24" (60cm) wide and adjustable from 24" (60cm) to 48" (122cm) height. Durable chrome finished frame rolls easily on 4 conductive casters. Specifications: 48"H (open) x 30"H (closed) x 26¾W" x 18"D (at base). Approx. shipping weight: 30 lbs.
Model 23111 Mobile Frame w/"Apron" Shield $629.00
Model 23112 Replacement "Apron" Only $408.00

NuVue Fluorescent Safelight
  • Plastic housing with built-in On/Off switch
  • Highest output available and still safe for blue and green film
  • On/Off Switch on housing
  • Special patented bulb; not a wrapped regular light bulb
Model FL-30 $70.00

Model BL75 Black,Variable-intensity,w/ Footswitch $113.00

Features light intensity adjustment, exposure indicator and 9 volt battery. 8" x 8" x 1" high.
Model E-Z Print $155.00


ABS PLASTIC TANK - with 5 gallon inserts, offers complete chemical resistance and will not rust. Accommodates 14" x 17" film. PVC plumbing is provided for overflow, bottom drain and inlet fixtures.
Model PT50 Polytank (Pictured) Discontinued
Model RFH8 Polyfilm Hanger 8x10 $15.00
Model RFH10 Polyfilm Hanger 10x12 $15.00
Model RFH14 Polyfilm Hanger 14x17 $15.00

Durable ABS storage bin is lightweight and light-proof. Can be wall mounted or placed on countertop.
Model FB-12 Small Bin (Max. 10" x 12" Film) $130.00
Model FB-18 Large Bin (Max. 14" x 17" Film) $240.00

Pictured deluxe wall mount rack holds gloves and multiple aprons.
Model 60065 Tubular Wall Mount Rack $170.00

Wall-hugging storage for two aprons and a pair of gloves.
18"W x 19 1/2"H x 6 1/2"D
Model 60098 Compact Wall Mount Rack $142.00

Corix Pro 70 Veterinary Dental X-Ray
70 KVP - 8mA TUBEHEAD with a small focal point, low energy filter and beam limiting device ensures outstanding sharpness and maximum detail. Positioning is made easier with angle indicator on both sides of the unit. Lead shields and critical components are oversized to provide more years of safe and trouble free operation.

VETERINARY HANDHELD TIMER HANDPIECE Easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is choose dog or cat and the type of tooth. The microprocessor will automatically choose the exposure time, according to the type and position of the tooth, patient, film or digital sensor with automatic compensation for the main voltage variation and manual override if required. Full protection against x-ray tube overheating: the microprocessor will set the minimum cooling period between exposures, thus extending the tubehead life. LONG REACH DOUBLE POSITIONING ARM moves effortlessly and folds compactly when not in use. Easy to position and does not drift.
WALL MOUNT, comes with a choice of three extension arms to fit your needs. Standard 71 1/8" total inside reach (Comes Standard), Short 53 3/8" total inside reach (Option), or Long 75" total inside reach (Option)

Model DTP60800 Corix Pro 70 Wall Mount $3,118.00
Model DTP61300 Corix Pro 70 Mobile Stand $3,595.00

Image-Vet 4G
Veterinary Intraoral Dental X-Ray System

The Image-Vet 4G sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. Image-Vet 4G the perfect choice for seamless integration with EVA-Vet Digital Dental Sensors and other digital dental systems.

The Fourth Generation Image-Vet X-Ray
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Seamlessly Compatible with EVA-Vet Digital Dental Sensors
  • Over 5,000 installations and growing
  • Smooth, stable, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all digital dental imaging systems
  • Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or on a mobile stand
  • Fully-maneuverable tubehead easily positioned and stable for all procedures
  • ImageWorks Customer Care Program

  • Accessories
  • Mobile stand - precisely balanced for safe, quick transport and convenience

    Model 9992703600Image-Vet 4G Intraoral Wall Mount Vet X-Ray Call for Price
    Model 9992703601Image-Vet 4G Intraoral Mobile Vet X-Ray Call for Price

    Click for Specifications

  • Chairside Darkroom
    Model DTP10115 Chairside Darkroom $385.00
    *complete with fixer, developer, film clips, & tray

    Model DTP10116 Chairside Darkroom $315.00
    *without chemicals

    EVA Vet Classic - The New Generation in Digital Dental Sensors

    EVA Vet Features and Benefits
    • Rounded edges for faster, more secure sensor placement
    • Robust design made to withstand the rigors of the veterinary environment
    • DICOM options
    • Superior Image Quality and Clarity
    • Fast Return on Investment
    • Simple to use
    • Immediate communication with insurance companies and referring doctors
    • Safer for the animal because of reduced x-ray exposure
    Each EVA Vet Classic System includes:
    • One EVA-Vet Sensor Unit #2
    • One Docking Station with USB cable
    • Vet Dental Image Management Software Suite
    • Patented Sensor Armor for added protection
    • One box of Disposable Protective Sheaths
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Training DVD Featuring Dr. Ira Luskin
    • Remote diagnostic services and online tech support
    • In-clinic training options / free instructional Webinars
    Model 9992410300 EVA-Vet Classic w/ Size 2 Sensor Call for Price

    Click to view Specifications

    ViewAll Vet
    The addition of a ViewAllTM Vet software upgrade gives veterinarians full DICOM compatibility, giving users full integration with most veterinary PACS, increasing their ability to send and share images.

    Model ViewAll Call for Price

    The ECOMAX™ comes complete with all accessories and includes features like anti-crystallisation, anti-oxidation and automatic circulation. The ECOMAX™ stays operational and produces consistently good image quality even after being in stand-by mode for a long period of time.
    Simple & Easy
    All parameters of the ECOMAX™ x-ray film processor influencing image quality are factory set to optimal values. This makes the operation easier and reduces operator error. Just plug in the new processor and fill it with chemicals and the ECOMAX™ is ready for operation.
    Unique Design Concept
    Not only is the outer design of the ECOMAX™ aesthetically pleasing, all technical innovations of the ECOMAX™ have only one aim: “Optimal Image Quality". The new roller rack design and the re- shaping of the chemical tanks is a result of a combined experience of more than 20 years in film processor design and the very latest manufacturing methods.
    Ecological and Economical
    The small re-shaped developer and fixer tanks reduce oxidation of large quantities of chemicals to help save money and help the environment. In addition the replenishment rate is automatically adjusted to the actual processed film quantity in an optimal way. When no film is being processed the ECOMAX™ will be resting in stand-by mode. Two year parts warranty.

    Model ECOMAX $3,155.00

    Vet-ray digital Radiography by Sedecal

    The Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX system allows the user to view images in just 6 seconds after x-ray exposure. The Digital Vet DX incorporates a high frequency veterinary x-ray with a moveable tubestand, and a veterinary table with a 59" (1500mm) 4 way floating top. The Single Touch dual function monitor option conveniently displays the image on the same Touch Screen Operator Console that is integrated into the x-ray unit. This SingleTouch Monitor System is the ONLY fully integrated X-Ray System, on the market.

    Vet-Ray High-Frequency Systems are built to stringent quality standards, and totally compliant with CE directives and IEC safety standards. With prices starting just above $40,000 for a complete installed high frequency CCD digital x-ray system, we can fit any budget. Complete flat panel DR systems are available installed for under $80,000. And if your existing x-ray is newer and you would like to retrofit it with a flat panel DR detector, we can do that for you for around $60,000. Both Flat Panel and CCD DR technology is available in the Vet-Ray product family.

    * Click on the product name for a picture.
    Model DVR 6 mega-pixel CCD Call for Price
    Model DX-6 6 mega-pixel CCD with touchscreen Call for Price
    Model DX-9 9 mega-pixel CCD with touchscreen Call for Price
    Model DX-16 16 mega-pixel CCD with touchscreen Call for Price
    Model DX-C Canon flat panel with touchscreen Call for Price
    Model DX-T New Toshiba flat panel with touchscreen Call for Price

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