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Defibrillators and AEDs

Zoll AED Plus
New! Complete Package - AED Defibrillator Equipment

The New ZOLL AED Plus guides you through all of the steps of CPR in order with pictures, text, and voice prompts! It even provides feedback on your performance during chest compressions by telling you to press harder, if needed! From ABC assessment to defibrillation and CPR, the ZOLL AED Plus is the first and only AED that guides rescuers through the entire rescue process with CPR feedback. To reduce rescuer confusion the AED Plus features an exclusive one-piece, pre-connected electrode with tamper-evident seals and an unmatched four year shelf life. For Convenience and Savings, the Zoll AED plus uses long-lasting inexpensive Consumer Duracell Lithium Batteries that are easily replaced every 4-6 years.

Only the ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic waveform has proven its clinical superiority for defibrillating VF in high-impedance patients. It also reduces exposure to high peak current and keeps an optimal waveform shape over a wide range of patient variability. The ZOLL AED Plus is also compact lightweight (weighing a little over 8 lbs), and extremely portable with a large handle & carrying case.

The New Zoll AED plus AED with Biphasic Technology- Comes complete with Carrying Case, 1 Set of Stat-Padz or CPR-d Padz with Feedback capabilities, 1 Set of Long-life Lithium Batteries, Rescue Ready Pack, Instructional CD-ROM, Manuals, and Full 5 year Factory warranty from Zoll. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the US!!!

Model AED-Plus$1595.00

Zoll AED plus Trainer - Related Products and Supplies
The Zoll AED Plus Trainer is for use by trainers to train in the use of the Zoll AED Plus. This training unit is pre-programmed with all American Heart Association recommended training protocols for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest rescue. The Zoll AED plus Trainer package includes training remote control, six (6) C cell batteries, AC adapter, One (1) CPR-D Training Electrode System, One (1) pair of replacement gels, hand held remote cord, operator's manual, administration guide and one year factory warranty. A must have for CPR instructors and trainers doing AED training.
Model ZTR1000 Zoll AED plus Trainer $375.00

Zoll M Series (3-lead, AED, and Pacing)
The smallest, lightest, most advanced defibrillator monitor ever made, with all the capabilities you'll ever need! Only 11 pounds (5kg). Half the weight and a third the size of any unit in its class, the M Series has everything you need for cardiac resuscitation: fast, easy to use defibrillation using synchronized cardioversion, external pacing, ECG with advanced monitoring, built-in AC or DC power, and an integrated information management system. The M-series is available in a variety of configurations including: Monophasic waveform, Biphasic waveform, AED mode, 3-Lead ECG, 12-Lead Interpretive ECG, Non-invasive Pacing, SPO2 saturation, NiBP, EtC02, Multifunction Cables or Integrated Hard Paddles.
This featured Base M Series unit for $3,395 includes 3-leads, AED, and Pacing, in Monophasic Waveform, 2 New NiCad Rechargable batteries, Multifunciton cables with Stat Padz, Multi Function patient cables for Defib and Pacing, Carrying Case, Operator manual, Instructional Video,CD-ROM, and 1 Year Full Warranty. (Many configurations available. Available New, Fully Reconditioned or Factory Refurbished from Zoll)
Model M3PM-R Monophasic, Pacing, AED, 3 lead - Factory Refurbished $3095.00
Model M12PM-R Monophasic, Pacing, 12 lead - Factory Refurbished $5995.00
Model M3PB-R Biphasic, Pacing, AED, 3 lead - Factory Refurbished $4395.00
Model M3PB-R Biphasic, Pacing, AED, SpO2, NIBP, 3 lead - Factory Refurbished $7400.00
Model M12PB-R Biphasic, Pacing, SpO2, 12 lead - Factory Refurbished $8995.00
Model M12PBN-R Biphasic, Pacing, SpO2, NIBP, 12 lead - Factory Refurbished $9995.00

PowerHeart G3 AED
In a cardiac emergency where time is everything, you have no time to think, you want a device that makes the decision for you. The Powerheart AED automatically monitors the patient's cardiac rhythm and determines if the patient requires a defibrillation shock. The Powerheart AED offers the latest advancements in automated external defibrillation technology.

The Powerheart AED offers "always ready to rescue" functionality and reliability. The Powerheart AED is the only AED on the market that automatically tests all 3 critical components daily including the pre-connected electrodes, extended life battery and system. Simplicity - Easy, one button operation, with easy to follow voice and text instructions, make it the simplest AED to use. Cardiac Science's proprietary RHYTHMx technology offers the smartest analysis algorithm software in the industry, allowing continuous monitoring of the patient during and after a cardiac arrest. Cardiac Science's patented STAR Biphasic Waveform Technology customizes defibrillation energy for the each patient based on the patient's impedance.

Each New PowerHeart G3 AED comes with carrying case, (1) set of adult electrodes, operators manual and video, New Long-LIfe Lithium Battery, and a Full Factory Warranty. Special Web price includes shipping anywhere in the US!!!
Model PG3-AED PowerHeart G3 AED $1595.00

PowerHeart AED Trainer
An AED trainer programmed with AHA protocols and scenarios for use in resuscitation training exercises.The Powerheart AED trainer by Cardiac Science provides effective, interactive training, with a special 'advance' button that allows instructors to regulate the pace, ensuring that students become confident with each step of AED operation. Designed to be used with all manikins; uses one 9v battery (not included).

The PowerHeart G3 AED training package includes AED trainer unit, remote control, training pads, soft carrying case and factory warranty.
Model G3AEDT PowerHeart Trainer $485.00

LifePak 500 Biphasic AED
LifePak 500 AED by Physio Control is fast, simple, and easy to use. The LifePak 500 defibrillators weigh in at just seven pounds, so you can take it anywhere. It has clear screen messages, voice prompts and lighted buttons to guide responders through operation with ease to ensure an effective rescue.

Its intuitive design is ideal for infrequent or inexperienced users and the worry-free high capacity lithium batteries never require maintenance or recharging. Physio Control LifePak 500 defibrillators are also configurable to different energy levels using the Administration software which can also be used to download event data.

These Fully Reconditioned and Demo units include a New Long-life lithium battery, charger (if rechargable batteries are purchased), New Carrying case, 1 Set of Quick Combo pads, Operator's Manuals, Instructional Video, ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
Model LP500BR LifePak 500 AED Biphasic - Recond. $1195.00

LifePak 500 AED Trainer
Provides realistic training without energy discharge. Compatible with any CPR manikin system. Includes one AED Trainer, remote control and cable, simulated battery pak, set of reusable training electrodes capable of approximately 30 applications, carrying case (soft-sided, grey), AED Instruction Card, Operating Instructions, and batteries for remote control and AED Trainer. Follows all eight American Heart Association Heartsaver AED training scenarios and all four American Red Cross training scenarios. Create a number of custom scenarios for your students with the multi-function remote control. The trainer operates on four standard D-size batteries for approximately 100 continuous hours.
Model LP500T LifPak 500 AED Trainer $395.00

HP Codemaster XL+ Defibrillator
The CodeMaster XL+ by HP is a flexible choice for high-use areas of the hospital including operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care units, and emergency departments. This high-performance, high-speed unit charges from 0 to 360 joules in under 5 seconds, plus it offers you a variety of advanced options, so you can easily customize it to meet the needs of your unit.

Optional multi-function electrodes allow you to pace and defibrillate with the same pads. And hands-free operation allows remote defibrillation to protect operators and save time. The HP CodeMaster XL+ also offers true 1-2-3 operation, built-in pediatric paddles under slide-off adult paddles, adjustable heart rate alarms, a high-capacity battery, and a paddle-to-patient contact indicator to take the guesswork out of defibrillation. It's everything you'd expect in an HP defibrillator/monitor.

The HP Codemaster XL+ comes fully reconditioned, complete with all accessories, 3-lead patient cables, new internal battery, printer/recorder, Hard Paddles with integrated Pedi Surface, A/C power cord, manuals, and 1 year warranty.
Model M1722A/B Reconditioned HP CodeMaster XL+ $1045.00

AED Wall Cabinets

The AED Wall Cabinet is a great way to display your AED for easy access during a Sudden Cardiac Emergency! AED Wall Mount Cabinet available with or without Alarms include: Steel casing with door for AED Storage; Easy mounting on most walls; Space for AED and other lifesaving tools (Oxygen Mask, Etc.); Optional Audible Alarm w/two settings & Strobe light. Made in the USA; Lifetime Warranty on Casing. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA!

Model 180SM 17"x 17"x 7" $139.00
Model 180SM-A Audible alarm - 17"x 17"x 7" $185.00
Model 180SM-ASAudible alarm & Strobe Light
Model 147SM 13"x 13"x 5.5" $129.00
Model 147SM-A Audible alarm - 13"x 13"x 5.5" $179.00

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